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Our Work


World Vision New Zealand is a global relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

Ahead of 40 Hour Famine, their most significant fundraising campaign in their annual marketing calendar; World Vision wanted to move more of the fundraising activity from offline booklets and envelopes of cash to the digital Peer-to-Peer Fundraising platform.

The Results


Conversion rate for onboarding

$1.1mil +

Fundraised in 2020

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  • Fundraising campaigns were no longer constrained by digital capacity.

  • Increase in average online donation value.

  • The platform resolved previous end-user challenges by catering to multiple complex onboarding paths, resulting in a higher onboarding conversion rate

  • The record number of donations in 2020 went towards some of the world’s most vulnerable children and supporting climate-vulnerable communities in Malawi.

  • The organisation significantly reduced the cost to serve supporters by moving more enquiries to the new digital self-service experience.

  • The platform was able to adapt and scale to new campaigns and the needs of the organisation.




How we did it

Working closely with World Vision, we:


  1. Identified that the onboarding journey and fundraising tools needed an updated user experience and design through key stakeholder interviews

  2. Resolved critical issues affecting internal systems.

  3. Analysed support requests and analytics from previous years to identify key optimisation opportunities.

  4. Conducted product research, reviewing best practice examples from other not-for-profit organisations.

  5. Facilitated a 5-Day Co-Design Sprint. In the first 3 days, a cross-functional team representing World Vision and Apolinar utilised HX and design thinking exercises to understand, sketch and decide on solutions.

  6. On Day 4 our designers created a high fidelity prototype in 7 hours, designing with real data. Our refined design-ops process allowed multiple designers to work quickly and simultaneously.

  7. On Day 5 of the Co-Design Sprint, we conducted one-on-one user testing sessions with participants who represented our target audience; ranging from school-age children between 10-18 years old to teachers, churchgoers, and workplace team leaders.



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